How to Update Your Cat’s Microchip Records

When was the last time you updated your cat’s microchip information? If your cat has a microchip, it can be a life-saver. Georgia law requires shelters to check impounded animals for a microchip so they can contact the owner before any animal they receive can be put up for adoption or euthanized. If your cat […]

Six Things That Cause Allergies in Dogs

If you’ve noticed your dog doing any of these things regularly, they could be a sign of allergy: If so, check these most common causes first: Fleas Even one flea bite can cause a body-wide allergic reaction. It’s bath time. You will need to start giving your dog a monthly flea repellent for at least […]

What Causes Allergies in Cats? 

If you notice your cat licking or scratching a lot, looking miserable, with watery eyes, stuffy nose, ear discomfort, upset stomach, fur falling out, or patches of raw skin, chances are your little friend could have an allergy.  If his face is swollen or he’s having a severe reaction, call the vet right away. Consider […]

What Dog Breeds Are More ‘Hypoallergenic’ Than Others?

You or someone in your family may be allergic to dogs, suffering from a runny or stuffy nose, watery eyes and sneezing fits. But it’s not hopeless. You can help your current situation, and there are also dog breeds that are less likely to cause reactions.  Dog allergy is actually a reaction to their fur […]

Helping Your Blind or Deaf Dog

We are accustomed to our dogs being of service to us – our watchdog, our companion, and our comfort. But when they are born with physical difficulties or come to develop them, they may need to rely on us instead. It’s time for us to return the love and devotion. When it comes to losing […]

Caring For Your Cat’s Paws

A mani-pedi is probably not at the top of your cat’s list of fun times, but regular grooming helps him more than he realizes. An outdoor cat needs toughened paw pads, and sharp claws to climb, attack and feed himself, plus the full use of scent glands between his toes to leave a trail that […]

Helping Your Blind or Deaf Cat

Our cats are our playful companions, and they bring us so much comfort. But when they are born with physical difficulties or come to develop them, they will need to rely on us a lot more.  When it comes to losing sight or hearing, neither of you may be aware of it at first if […]

Weather Disaster Plan for Your Cat

Atlanta gets its fair share of tornadoes and storms. When you have to collect the family and head for the basement or high ground, it’s best to have prepared totes for your pets, to take along at a moment’s notice.  Planning ahead of timeWhere can you take your cat if you have to leave your […]

How to Update Your Dog’s Microchip Records

When was the last time you updated your pet’s microchip information? If your dog has a microchip, it can be a life-saver. Georgia law requires shelters to check impounded animals for a microchip so they can contact the owner before any animal they receive can be put up for adoption or euthanized. If your dog […]

Are There ‘Hypoallergenic’ Cats?

There is hope for the allergic cat lover. Are you teary-eyed every time kitty snuggles you? Do you get head congestion, stuffiness, sneezes or sniffles? You may be developing an allergy to your cat. Or you may have had an allergy in childhood and have been told you can’t have cats, yet you love them. […]

Weather Disaster Plan for Your Dog

In Atlanta, a tornado or other crazy circumstances could send the family running for the basement or high ground. Having pre-packed totes for your pets will save a lot of important time and confusion. The Red Cross, Centers for Disease Control, Humane Society of the US, American Kennel Club, American Veterinary Medical Association, FEMA and […]

How to Search for Your Lost Cat

Sometimes, despite the best of plans, our cat does a vanishing act or makes a mad dash out the door. It helps to prepare your cat just in case, and to know what to do ahead of time so the search will move faster. Ways You Can Safeguard Sometimes kitty has not wandered off, but […]

What Happens to Home Service Dogs Who Are Retired?

Home service dogs or ‘skilled companion dogs’ help individuals with disabilities. They are trained to perform specific tasks, such as fetching items for those who are unable to walk. They monitor diabetics and epileptics, helping them if they fall, retrieving their medicines, or even calling for help. They remind those who need to take their […]

Can Cats Be Service Animals?

Many cats are so friendly and comforting, great company for the elderly, the sick, children, and the withdrawn. Cats are a calming influence in a lot of ways. They are easy to care for. They eat less and are much less maintenance than most dogs. So can a cat become a service animal? Well, sort […]

Can I Adopt a Retired Military or Police Dog?

Governmental agency dogs are specially bred and highly skilled. Sometimes puppies are unable to complete training. Others, at the end of a fine career, are retired due to disability or age. But then where do they go? Are they ‘too trained’ – too reactive – to be adopted by average people? There are certain breeds […]

The Cat Stare – Would You Stare Back?

Big eyes are locked on you, wide and unblinking. Your cat is commanding your full attention.  It’s a little unnerving. You don’t know what he wants, but one thing is certain. If you look away, he’ll demand that you return to his mesmerizing gaze. He has an urgent message for you. When your cat is […]

Are Lawn Treatments Safe for Your Dog?

Every time your dog steps outside, he’s exposing himself to whatever is on the ground. Chemicals and some nasty natural substances can cling to fur and paws. You may find him licking his fur or his feet, swallowing whatever he has tracked. Everyone likes a green lawn, but fertilizers, weed control and pesticides can cause […]

Can a House Cat Live in the Wild?

There are sad instances where a family moves away, or an elderly person passes away, and the once-loved housecat is simply left outside to find a new life for herself.  This is often done with the misconception that cats still have wild instincts, and they will learn to adapt. The truth is, they have never […]

Why Does My Dog Howl at Sirens?

A police car zooms by. Your dog gives a long, soulful howl. Then he goes back to business as usual. What was that all about? It’s incongruous, like those movies where the cast suddenly breaks into a song and then goes back to work.  As your dog throws his head back, he resembles a wolf […]

Why Does My Cat Knock Things Down?

Cats are notorious for knocking over anything that isn’t nailed down. If it’s full of liquid, all the better. They’ll even go out of their way to clear your desk for you. Why do they compulsively knock things over? Here are a few possibilities: For the reaction. What positive reinforcement does your cat receive when […]

Why Does My Dog Dig Holes?

How many dog parents let Fido out to play, only to find a romping dirt monster showing back up at the door? Some dogs are so obsessed with digging that they have to be pulled out of the hole.  The American Kennel Club blames it on wolf ancestors. It’s just a ‘dog’ thing to do, […]

Hotel Etiquette for Your Dog

Etiquette is about displaying good manners and polite behavior in society. Sometimes we have to travel with pets, moving cross-country, for example, and a hotel or motel is likely to present an overly exciting situation. So doggie manners and ‘parent’ protocols are of the utmost importance. Here are some things to consider as you prepare […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Cat

What kind of New Year’s resolutions do pet parents make for their cats? An online review of suggestions is surprisingly basic. Cats need good food, a good life, and lots of love.  See New Year’s Resolutions for dogs here. I will take better care of your physical needs.Tend to your cat physically with checkups, vaccinations, […]

Your Senior Dog and Winter Weather

As with all seniors, human or animal, aging brings frailties; issues such as arthritis, muscle weakness, inflammatory conditions, poorer breathing, and a reduced ability to fight off infections. Older dogs also have trouble regulating their temperature, or have heart issues, both of which can contribute to poor circulation and trouble with cold weather. How can […]

Home for the Holidays with Your Cat

People are coming over. There will be noise, lots of moving feet, tempting food, yelling if football is involved, and a burning fireplace. But your little ‘Bah-Humbug’ buddy in the corner is not at all happy about the situation.  Cats are quiet creatures. A cat’s senses are amplified greatly compared to humans. All of this […]

Home For the Holidays With Your Dog

Your dog is a pack animal. She enjoys being part of the group, and would love to be included in even the most raucous family events. But not everyone coming over for the holidays may be comfortable with dogs. And in some cases such as a dinner, she could really be in the way. So […]

Dog-Safe Gift Wrap Alternatives

Few people think twice about loading up a fancy gift bag or pretty box with easily accessible holiday goodies, a bow, sparkles, a little plastic ornament and maybe a real candy cane.  Unfortunately, all of these are hazards for your dog, who is eager to enjoy the holiday fun and to explore all the textures […]

Keep Your Senior Cat Warm This Winter

Old age carries a lot of health complications for cats. As a senior cat’s body is fighting to maintain equilibrium, the stress of cold, wet winter weather makes it more difficult to bear.  Cats tend to lose a lot of weight and muscle mass as they become older. They are unable to be as active, […]

Tell-Tail Signs: What Your Cat’s Tail is Telling You

Can you tell how a cat is feeling by simply looking at her tail? Cat parents would tell you they are way more complicated than that. The entire body is a complex series of combined messages. But animal researchers say there definitely is an emotional pattern to tail activity that can help to quickly identify […]

Can My Pet’s Winter Coat Predict the Weather?

It’s one of those old farmers’ axioms that if your animals put on a thick coat in the fall, a bad winter is coming, so we should prepare. Is there any truth in that?  As summer rolls into autumn, it’s the shortening of the days and less sunlight hours that causes dogs and cats to […]

Tell-Tail Signs: What Your Dog’s Tail Says

Puppies learn ‘bark’ language from adult dogs, and how to use their tails for communicating long distance as well as face to face. Scientists have studied these movements. Although their studies tend to correlate, there are always exceptions. The tail is an extension of the spine. Pulling or injuring the tail can cause a lot […]

Game Day Treats for Pets

Fall is the time for home get-togethers, and sometimes ‘tailgating’ from your couch during the big games. But before you share table foods with your dog, it’s important to think about all the ingredients in it, even the ones you don’t see. Surprisingly, many of the herbs and spices that we enjoy could upset an […]

Your Pet Remembers More Than You Might Expect

One thing is guaranteed. If your pet has a long term memory, it will be related to where the food is kept. Cats have returned to homes 10 years later and walked straight to the cabinet where their food was. Pets blissfully forget the small stuff and remember only what’s important to them: their food, […]

Your Cat’s Amazing Eyes

No doubt your cat is waking you up for breakfast before the alarm clock. Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are more active at dusk and dawn than during daytime. Nature has equipped your pet with extra advantages to see in these low light conditions. In fact, she can see in the dark roughly seven times […]

Safe Veggie Snacks for Dogs

Certain vegetables are a great addition to your dog’s diet –  low in calories and high in vitamins and fiber – but not always appreciated by your dog unless they are mixed with other ingredients.  Although your dog probably won’t be begging for broccoli, there are ways to include veggies in her diet that she […]

Can I Give My Cat Fruit?

If you give your cat a blueberry, will he eat it?  Cats are obligate carnivores. They need a diet that’s rich in meat or fish to keep them healthy, so they’re usually not interested in the trimmings. They’ve got plenty of extra taste receptors for appreciating proteins, but lack any taste buds for sweetness. Yet, […]

Fruit Smoothies for your Dog

As a population, we love our fruit smoothies, no matter the temperatures outside. Do you wonder if your dog can have one too?   The American Kennel Club and the ASPCA say, “Yes!” to some fruits, as long as they are fresh, frozen or canned in natural juices. Many fruits – especially watermelon and cucumber […]

Here Fido! Inspirations For Naming Your New Puppy

Have you ever wondered where the dog name Fido came from? It’s Latin, meaning someone you can trust and confide in, similar to fidelity. Although a pet’s name can come from just about anywhere, it is most often chosen to fit your pet’s personality or appearance. In her book, ‘Medieval Pets’, author Kathleen Walker-Meikle gives […]

Your Dog Sees Things Quite Differently!

Do dogs really see in black and white? Not exactly. They see colors, but not in the same way we do. And not all colors. Everything has a grayish look, so it’s like one of those black and white photos that has been tinted. And there is a special problem with reds and greens. Those […]

Your Dog’s Superpower Sense of Smell

If you think the smell of pizza is amazing, just ask your dog. His sense of smell is at least 40 times greater than yours. It’s astounding how dogs are able to smell things as much as 12 miles away if the wind blows right! While humans no longer need dogs to help them detect […]

Your Cat’s Super Sense of Smell

If your cat is finicky about her dinner, it’s no surprise. A cat’s sense of smell is 40 times greater than that of the average human connoisseur, and more than most dogs, except for hounds. She doesn’t have many taste receptors, so she ‘tastes’ her food by smelling it.  Scientists measured how far away cats […]

Rescue Decompression and the 3-3-3 Rule

“Where are they taking me?” When you adopt a cat or dog, especially a rescue who has ‘done time’ in a shelter and may also have had a traumatic life, feeling safe is more important than cuddles for a while. ‘Rescue Decompression’ is the term commonly used for the technique to transition a new pet […]

Fun Indoor Play Apps for Dogs

Bored already with summer heat? If you’re spending another long day indoors trying to figure out what to do, you may want to look into some mobile apps for the kids to play with your dog. Most of these work best on a tablet, so your pet can make choices with the touch of a […]

Your Dog’s Amazing Sense of ‘Knowing’

Your dog has already parked himself in front of the door, waiting for a visitor who shows up moments later. How did he know? Dogs have highly developed senses and instincts from their origins in the wild. They can see, hear and smell much wider ranges than humans. Their fur is like an antenna array, […]

How Does My Cat Just ‘Know’ Things?

Does your cat have an uncanny intuition? Pets seem to know that things are going to happen long before people. How do they do that? Some of it can be answered by their heightened senses of smell, hearing and sight. But there is more. They have physical sensors all over their bodies, such as whiskers […]

What Makes Cats Happy at Home?

It’s wonderful that your cat has a safe home! Now, what would make her happy? If possible, a second cat to keep her company. Or a nice dog will do. Cats and dogs really can get along. Healthy food and clean water, perhaps even a water bubbler, and some fresh-growing cat greens that can be […]

Mobile Dog Apps for Summer on the Go

You and Your Dog Are on the Go! Not only are more people on the move during the summer months, but their dogs are, too. Bring along a few mobile phone apps to help. These are just some examples of the many possibilities. If you’re taking your dog on vacation, there are some time-tested mobile […]

Apps To Train Your Dog From Home

It can be exciting to take your new dog to a training academy or a local pet school. Your pet may benefit greatly by doing exercises as a pack. But there are just as many fails by puppies who want to play more than learn, or those who are easily distractible, and those who may […]

Your Cat’s Superpower: Hearing

If you brought home a watchdog to listen for burglars, you should have gotten a cat. Their hearing is far superior to both humans and dogs. Although a cat’s low-end hearing is about the same as a human, at a frequency of 20Hz, they have a range of almost three times higher than people, and […]

Your Finicky Cat

Has your cat come running to the plate, only to turn up her nose and walk away? Does she hear the call to dinner, but refuse to join you?  Perhaps more than any other species, it is important for cats to eat regularly. If they don’t get a meal within 12 hours, they are prone […]

Your Dog’s Super Hearing Powers

It’s amazing how animals have much more powerful senses than humans. Dogs, for instance, have much greater hearing, seeing and smelling capabilities than humans. Did you know a dog can hear sounds as incredibly high as 47,000 to 65,000 Hz? An average person can only hear frequencies of about 20 Hz up to 20,000 Hz.  […]

My Old Friend – Walking Your Senior Dog

Have you considered that your graying dog needs you more than ever as he ages? His vision is not what it used to be, nor is his hearing. He can’t run or defend himself well anymore. He needs someone who will look out for him.  His old bones may hurt. He may have arthritis or […]

Include Your Pet in Estate Planning

What will happen to your pet if you die or become incapacitated? Do you have a designated caretaker and funds set aside for the long-term care of your pet?  Thousands of pets end up in shelters each year because their owners, especially the elderly, become incapacitated. These pets are usually older animals and their chances […]

New Inspirations for Naming Your Cat

You may be a rescuer staring at a litter of sweet little faces. You need six appealing names right now to start their individual records and get them new homes. Or most likely, one adorable little kitten or stray has come into your life. She is very special, and she must be given the perfect […]

My Old Friend: Assisting Your Senior Cat

How old is your cat in human years? The Old Farmer’s Almanac calculator may surprise you. Thanks to improved diets and medical technology, cats who used to be considered old at age 8 can now live as long as 20+ years.  The best way to improve your cat’s chances of living long is to catch […]

The Multi-Cat Family

People who have cats usually love cats, so they often have more than one. It can be a challenge to keep them all happy and healthy.  Rules Start by establishing boundaries such as meal times and play areas, basic commands, and basic rules, like keeping claws clipped.  Pets pick up on our feelings. Set the […]

Getting Your Dog Used to a New Neighborhood

Springtime is when most families move to a new home. As the kids are making new friends, it’s nice for the neighbors to meet your dog, too, as part of your family. On moving day, keep your dog in one room until the movers leave and you know all the doors and windows are closed. […]

Moving Your Cat to a New Home

Even on the short ride to the vet, your cat most likely gives you an operatic performance worthy of Andrea Bocelli as she cries to go home. Now imagine driving to a new residence in another city, state, or across the country. Cats are so physically and emotionally fragile. How can you move your cat […]

What Dogs Want in a Happy Home

If dogs could tell you what they want in a happy home, the top item on their wish list would be inclusion.  Part of the Team – Dogs are highly domesticated, having lived with humans for thousands of years. Their nature is to be with people. Dogs are miserable when left behind, closed off in […]

Daylight Saving Time – Let’s Play Outside!

Now that there is more daylight time in the afternoon and the weather is comfortable, this is the perfect time for dogs and kids to go outside and play together. Here are some games they can try: Treasure Hunt – Hide your dog’s dish with a few treats somewhere in the backyard and see how […]

Your Cat’s Love Language

Is it difficult to know what your cat is thinking? Many cats aren’t exactly demonstrative of affection. Yet, even when your little one is seemingly giving you the cold shoulder, pet her a little, and listen. You might hear purring. She’s not a pack animal like a dog, so being besties doesn’t come naturally to […]

Hide and Seek Games To Play with Your Cat

Cats are natural hunters, so what better game than to play hide and seek with special treats?  The simplest game is to hide a treat under a blanket while he watches. Then stand back as he pounces and tries to figure out how to retrieve it. This is a great way to exercise even an […]

Managing Cat Static

Have you ever gotten a jolt of ‘cat-tricity’? In winter especially, cat fur builds up a static charge, made all the worse when you shuffle across a carpet to pet your little one. Suddenly, several causes have just combined to give both of you a shock you won’t soon forget.  Winter air is often dry, […]

New Years Resolutions For Your Dog

I will take care of your health.Make sure your dog gets a checkup, microchip, full vaccinations, plus monthly care for heartworm, fleas, and ticks. Don’t forget teeth and gums, and to make sure that his coat, nails and foot pads are well kept. It is recommended to keep a pet emergency kit with hydrogen peroxide, […]

Protecting Your Dog From Fireworks

Firework season can be stressful for dogs. The best thing you can do for your dog, especially during New Years Eve, is to keep them secure. Staying home would be ideal, but even if you choose not to there are things you can do to prevent your pooch from getting too scared or even running […]

Holiday Games to Play With Your Cat

One way to keep your cat from fixating on the fact that there is a tree in the house this Christmas is to play games with him. Cats are natural hunters, so what better game than to play hide and seek with special treats from his stocking?  The simplest game is to hide a treat […]

Holiday Games To Play with Your Dog

If your dog’s stocking hangs from the mantel, you might find her staring at it for hours, waiting for the goodies inside. Instead, why not play some games to make the holidays special even for your pet? This will strengthen the bond between both of you, activate your dog’s senses, and build lots of happy […]

Safe Gift Wrappings for Cats

Gifts are a big part of the holidays. Few people think twice about loading up a pretty gift bag with easily accessible goodies, topped with a bow, perhaps sparkles and little plastic ornaments or a candy cane. Any of these would be big attractions for your feline companions. Even traditional box-wrappers may not realize that […]

Helping Your Cat Grieve the Loss of a Friend

Cats are typically loners, being territorial. But when they make a friend, it’s forever. Your cat’s grief may appear as depression, disinterest, wanting to sleep a lot, or pacing in insomnia, possibly refusing food, howling or acting out in some way. Kitty may go into hiding for some alone time.  Give your cat time to […]

Cat Friendly Holiday Decorating With Live Plants

When it comes to bringing in plants to decorate for the holidays, surely your curious cats will be nibbling leaves and petals to investigate. Enticing berries, playful garlands, pretty flowers and shiny leaves – let alone a whole tree – may be too much for felines to resist, and many of them are toxic if […]

The Challenge of Dogs and Holiday Decorating

The holidays can be very exciting even for your dog, with so many interesting new things to investigate. Up goes the tree and the ornaments. Down go the fancy, wrapped gifts and bags. Yet, decorating for the holidays when you have a dog can be challenging. Here are some suggestions to make the Christmas tree […]

Cats vs The Christmas Tree

If you are a cat lover, there is nothing more heart-warming than to see your cats basking in the glow of the Christmas tree’s twinkling lights, blinking serenely until they fall asleep.  But daytime may be another story. A tree in the house brings out all their hunting instincts. Fragrant branches and shiny objects must […]

Dog Friendly Holiday Plants

While it may look beautiful to bring nature inside for the holidays, live decorations and floral arrangements can be dangerous or even deadly for dogs, so it is wise to make sure that indoor holiday decorative plants are pet-safe in case your dog is tempted to taste.  Chances are your florist or gardening store clerk […]

Helping Your Cat With House Guests

Most cats, upon seeing a visitor for the first time, will run and investigate from a distance. If you are having guests over, consider that this is going to be a stressful time for your cat. It’s best to plan some evasive actions long before guests arrive.  It’s not just more people, but more noise, […]

Taking Better Dog Photos

Dog owners love to take pictures of their dogs, but it’s not easy to get their cooperation. One studio photographer says he has to work lightning fast before the dog gets tired. Setting the pet against a solid black or white background, he takes about 300 photos from close up, using special lenses and filters, […]

Can You Take Your Cat on an RV Trip?

Dogs love to go for rides, but what about cats? Will they be alright on a long road trip by RV?  RVers say that taking cats on trips is much easier than dogs. Cats are low maintenance. They don’t have to be taken for walks in the rain. They eat less, take up less space, […]

Helping Your Dog Adjust To House Guests

With guests coming over, it’s always good to have a plan in place for your fur family members long before the visitors arrive.  Here are a few suggestions to help your dog adjust to the change in routine, and the many exciting new smells and personalities – and maybe food – coming into the house. […]

Litter Box Etiquette

Cats are doing us a favor when they use a litter box. They are wild creatures who willingly alter their behavior for us, so we should meet them halfway with accommodations they prefer because it meets their needs. But what accommodations do they want? Cats need convenience. Feline experts such as the ASPCA and Humane […]

When Your Dog Loses a Pal

When our dogs lose another pet, a friend, or family member, whether it’s from parting ways or going over the rainbow bridge, the effect can be profound.  They grieve, because they form such strong bonds. They will feel our grief or sadness, too, and will worry about us. Their family is their ‘pack’ and now […]

What is Your Dog’s Love Language?

Many of you are familiar with the concept that people give and receive love in different ways. You may be a hugger, while other family members show affection by hanging around or giving gifts.  Dogs also give and respond to affection in different ways, but there are some generalities that correspond with the human types […]

Taking Better Cat Photos

People love taking photos of their cute, cuddly cats, and others love to enjoy them, too. Yet photographing these unpredictable creatures can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to improve your photography skills when it comes to catching cats in the act. Make sure your camera has a fast shutter speed, and special settings […]

Park Day for Your Senior Dog

Your senior dog may not be so frisky anymore, but she still needs a little exercise to keep her joints flexible and muscles toned. Taking her to the park or a dog park will also renew her sense of adventure, and help to sharpen cognitive skills.  However, there are some things to take into account […]

My Cat Keeps Me Up All Night

You brought home a night creature. Behaviorists say your cat will be most active late in the evening when you are trying to get to sleep, and in the morning just before sunrise. Other cats have been known to be wide awake during the darkest hours in between. Each cat seems to have their own […]

My Dog Snores!

Once again it’s a fitful night as your trusty dog is sleeping beside you, ‘sawing wood’ so loudly that you can’t rest. Is there anything that helps? The good news is that dogs usually don’t have sleep apnea like people, which is a dangerous condition. She shouldn’t stop breathing. But she may have difficulty with […]

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Surprisingly, the answer depends on the type of fur, not the length.  All dogs secrete oils in their fur that can become greasy and smelly over time, creating an unhealthy environment for the skin, and leaving a distinct odor on bedding. These oils are meant to protect the skin and to waterproof outdoor sporting breeds […]

When Your Cat Wants All The Attention

Is your cat trying to monopolize all your time, pushing everything out of the way to get to you? They are amazingly gifted at getting our attention. They may make a four-point flying landing on your laptop while you are working, dig their claws into your sweater to become permanently attached, or head-butt your arm […]

Use the Scratching Post, Not the Furniture!

Are the sides of your upholstered furniture shredded? Are claw marks running down wooden furniture? Can you train your cat out of a bad habit and into using a scratching post instead? Sisal, cardboard, carpet or wood? Scratching posts come in different sizes, textures and shapes. There may be a few failures before you find […]

Summer Games For Kids and Dogs

The weather has gotten a lot hotter a lot faster than anyone may have expected. It’s still important for both kids and dogs to go outside and play, so the best time is early morning until about 10 a.m., before the sun’s rays become intense, or after 4 p.m.   Children do not sweat as much […]

Pet Emergency Kit

What would you do if your dog chewed an electrical cord or your cat fell from a high place? What about a broken-glass cut or an insect bite? There are some cases where you can help your pet right away if you have an emergency pet medical handbook, some training, and the right supplies. The […]

Can Pets Get Sunburn?

All pets can get sunburn and skin cancer, especially animals with light-colored or sparse fur, light-colored noses and fair eyes. Even a cat sleeping in a window for hours can get sunburned. If your pet enjoys sunning on her back, watch that belly, too.   Sunburn ProtectionShaving your dog makes her more vulnerable to sunburn. Instead, […]

Simple Summer Cat Games

The kids are home for the summer and want to play with the cat. Yet cats are the ultimate couch potato. They sleep practically all day except for some 30-minute spans when they perk up and decide to do something active. Here are some fun small games they can all play together for just a […]

Make a Backyard Oasis for Your Dog

There is a trend toward making special backyard areas for the family dog that includes security, sun and water, shade and relaxation, and safe, pleasant-smelling plants. PlanningStart by taking a look at your yard at different times of the day to observe what parts are sunny and which are shady. What are your dog’s favorite […]

Packing For Your Dog on Vacation

Most dogs love nothing more than a car ride and being with family, so they love vacation road trips. Adventure awaits! But before you go, you’ll need to get a few things in order first. Medical: Update vaccinations, heartworm prevention, flea and tick medications. Make sure your dog is microchipped and has enough routine medications […]

How To Help Your Cat In Case Of Fire

When smoke or fire erupts, cats don’t run for an exit. They hide. Thousands die every year, sometimes by accidents caused by them turning on stove burners or knocking over a candle.  A solution is to make sure that you are prepared and can act quickly to get them out in such an event. First, […]

Find Local Dog Parks Anywhere

“Where can I find a dog park?”  Now, there’s an app for that. Take your dog anywhere and still find a place for her to roam by using mobile phone software applications to direct you to parks near home or while on vacation. Both iOS and AndroidThese two universal applications bridge the gap between mobile […]

Preparing Your Cat For Vacation

Although rare, there are times when kitty comes along on your trips.  Preparation: Make sure your cat is up-to-date on vaccines, has a collar, and ID and rabies tags. Ask your vet what he can take if he becomes nauseated from motion sickness. Bring along his medications, plus your vet’s information, a pet poison control […]

Helping Your Dog in Case of Fire

When a fire happens, there is very little time to respond, so being prepared ahead is important, especially if you have a dog who has difficulty moving. Prep The HouseFirst, keep fire extinguishers throughout the house. Consider installing smoke detectors and a security system that will automatically notify the fire department, while you focus on […]

Making a Delightful Indoor Cat Garden

Even though they may be indoor pets, your cats miss the greenery outside. Whether you choose a small setting or a big one, there are ways to make an indoor cat garden that your pets will enjoy. Cats are delicate creatures that can have bad or even deadly reactions to a lot of plants, so […]

Feeding Time at Your Zoo – Dogs & Cats Together!

Dinnertime! Everyone comes running at once. How are you going to make sure that the cats get their share when dogs are typically so much bigger?  First of all, please don’t feed them the same food, because they have completely different biological needs. Cats are obligate carnivores. They must have meat and fat – lots […]

Choosing A Cat-Friendly Daycare

Cats are such independent creatures that they can often get along without their service staff (you) for a few hours each day. However, there are times and conditions that warrant day-long care, such as cats who are elderly and need some assistance or those who need medications, kittens, or a pet with separation issues. Yet […]

Herding Cats at Mealtime

As cute as it may look when a big plate is set out and kittens come running to nibble from it together, things are much different when cats mature. They grow into naturally territorial creatures who need their space. Even though siblings may eat closer together because there is a higher bond of trust, they […]

Finding A Dog-Friendly Vacation Spot

You’re not the only one who has been cooped up for two years. Your dog would love to go adventuring with you. But where can you go with a dog?  There are plenty of resources online to help you plan the next vacation with your four-footed friends. The fastest go-to places for information are dog-specific […]

Who is in Charge at Dinnertime?

You are your dogs’ leader. They are watching you for clues to how they should behave. So, as their leader, when it comes to feeding time, it’s up to you to set the tone and the rules. Make this time together a pleasant and positive experience. If the dogs become excitable, feeding time could get […]

How To Choose The Right Doggy Daycare

At the time of this writing, life is slowly returning to a new normal after the tragedies of the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people have returned to work and school responsibilities outside of the home. As we’ve previously discussed , some pets do not know life without their human companions at home all day. Others […]

Does Your Senior Cat Really Like Watching TV?

There are many opinions on whether cats, especially senior ones, really like watching TV. Countless YouTube videos show cats engrossed in the TV and reacting to it. Dogs vs. Cats When it Comes to Watching TV It’s important to note that felines and canines generally act differently around the TV. Unlike dogs, cats often actually […]

What Questions Should You Ask A Groomer?

While most dog and cat groomers are well-trained, responsible, and caring, there have been more and more horror stories lately about things going wrong. Unfortunately, some pets have even died as a result of a trip to a groomer. However, grooming is essential to your dog or cat’s health, comfort, and longevity. Some pet owners […]

How To Pick A Dog Trainer

Most dog trainers are caring, talented people who only want the best for you and your beloved pooch. Unfortunately, there are a few poorly trained people or outright bad apples. By knowing what to look for in a dog trainer, you and your canine companion can have an excellent experience. Why Do You Want A […]

Acclimating Your Cat To A New Home

Whether you’ve had your cat for five months or five years, you may need to move your entire family to a new home. While moves and new locations are stressful for pets, there are ways to easily acclimate your cat to a new home. Before The Move Make sure your feline companion is up to […]

Acclimating Your Dog To A New Home

Dogs are creatures of habit, so moving to a new home can be stressful. However, it does not necessarily have to be full of drama. Here are some steps to take when moving your entire family to a new home. Before The Move Ensure that your dog is up to date on their shots. Update […]

Brushing A Cat That Hates To Be Brushed

While cats do a wonderful job of self-cleaning (which removes a lot of dirt and debris), they can’t brush themselves. Failure to brush regularly can lead to knots and mats that can injure your cat’s skin. Also, hairballs are a real thing that can cause additional health problems. Unfortunately, many cats hate to be brushed. […]

Brushing A Dog That Hates To Be Brushed

Dogs need regular brushing not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for their health. Knots and mats can cause physical injuries to your beloved pooch’s skin as well as feel uncomfortable in general. Unfortunately, some dogs hate being brushed. While it’s ideal to introduce a canine companion to brushing or combing as early in life […]

Slowing Down A Dog That Eats Too Fast

While watching Fido speed eat might be cute, it’s actually dangerous. When a dog eats too fast, they can gag, vomit, or choke. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down a dog that eats too fast. What Causes A Dog To Eat Too Fast? There are different reasons why your pooch is a speed eater.  […]

Encouraging A Finicky Cat To Eat

Unlike dogs, many cats don’t live to eat. While many cats will eat their food (eventually), others are finicky and it’s tricky to get them to eat. The good news is there are ways to get even the fussiest cat to eat. Rule Out Any Medical Causes Before incorporating the following suggestions, check in with […]

Secrets to Getting Your Cat to Drink More Water

While cats don’t need as much water as their canine counterparts, failure to drink enough water can cause serious health issues. In fact, an estimated 33% of felines have kidney problems. Read on for relatively painless ways to get your beloved furry friend to drink more water. Some Water Bowl Basics One or even two […]

Encouraging A Lazy Cat To Exercise

The iconic cartoon character Garfield comes to mind when thinking about a lazy cat. And plenty of real-life feline companions are the same way — they’d rather eat and sleep than get exercise. This is especially a problem with indoor-only cats. Lack of exercise can lead to obesity and other health problems that can literally […]

Encouraging A Lazy Dog To Exercise

Having a couch potato dog may seem cute, but it can cause serious health problems that lead to less years with your beloved pet. While daily exercise needs vary according to your dog’s breed, size, and age, all dogs need some type of physical activity. Let’s go over some ways to encourage a lazy dog […]

Traveling With Your Cat

We’ve all seen memes and videos of cats angrily resisting being put in carriers, cars, and the like. While it is true that some cats absolutely hate any type of confinement, many cats can travel with their owners. Let’s talk about some ways to make traveling with your cat tolerable and even pleasurable. Introduce Carriers […]

Traveling With Your Dog

Most dogs love to travel, but not every travel destination is dog friendly. Also, some canine companions do not react well to restraints, confinement, or changes in their daily routine. However, you can make amazing memories with Fido by following some of these tips. Make Sure Your Lodging Is Pet-Friendly Most people assume that dogs […]

How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails

Trimming your cat’s nails is essential for their health, and it doesn’t have to be a painful experience for either of you. Overgrown nails will not only scratch humans and surfaces, but they also can dig into your cat’s pads as well as cause tendon damage and foot deformities. Here’s some tips on how to […]

Tricks For Trimming Dog Nails

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is essential for their health and comfort. Overgrown nails can splay Fido’s toes, placing painful pressure on their foot and leg structure. Over time, overgrown nails can dig into a dog’s pads, injure their tendons, and even deform their feet. While no dog enjoys having their nails trimmed, there are […]

Does Your Senior Dog Really Like Watching TV?

Some dogs adore the television. For example, a now-departed cocker spaniel named Pepper adored watching “Barney and Friends” so much that his family sang the infamous “I Love You, You Love Me” song as he passed away in his human mother’s arms. Another now-departed cocker spaniel, this one named Dudley, ran to the television screen […]

Secrets to Getting Your Dog to Drink More Water

Dogs need plenty of water to avoid dehydration, heatstroke, kidney problems, and so much more. They tend to need more water than cats. Hence, it’s vital to keep plenty of fresh water around at all times. However, what can you do if Fido is reluctant to drink water? Some Water Bowl Basics Place multiple water […]

Volunteering with Animals

Volunteering with animals is an amazing way to help the community, improve your own mood and sense of purpose, and get plenty of affection along the way. Read on for ways you can help animals. Animal Shelter Volunteer Volunteering in an animal shelter is a great way to meet people and animals, though there might […]

Yin/Yang Of Beagles

Beagles are very popular, especially in mainstream media. Charles Schultz featured them in his “Peanuts” cartoon, countless Disney movies have portrayed beagles, and the famous Inspector Gadget has a beagle named Brains in multiple cartoons and movies. The American Kennel Club (AKC) ranks beagles as #6 out of its 197 registered breeds. Before running out […]

Cat Toys Your Kids Can Make

With summer fully upon us, you may be looking for a different kind of craft to occupy your kids for a little while. Do-it-yourself cat toys are an awesome way, especially for little ones, to feel useful, improve their motor skills and creativity, be entertained, and bond even more with your precious family cat. Read on […]

Yin/Yang Of American Shorthair Cats

American Shorthair cats are generally low maintenance with easygoing personalities. With proper nutrition, they are among the longest living species of cats. Let’s discuss the yin and yang of American Shorthair cats. Basic Facts Healthy Weight: Males are large and weigh 11 to 15 pounds, while females are medium and should weigh 6 to 12 pounds. […]

Protecting Your Senior Dog From Fireworks

Firework season is stressful for dogs of all ages, but especially senior dogs. The best thing you can do for your senior dog, especially during 4th of July weekend, is to keep them secure. Staying home would be ideal, but even if you choose not to there are things you can do to prevent your pooch […]

Protecting Your Cat From Fireworks

Holidays such as the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve come with fireworks, which can really stress cats out. Cats are prone to feeling startled, which is not good for their hearts. If you can stay home during fireworks, that is the ideal solution. But whether or not you stay home, you need to make […]

Getting Your New Pet Ready For A Post-COVID Lifestyle

Many people adopted a dog or cat during the COVID-19 pandemic.  So many people adopted that it actually emptied the shelters in some cities, as well as entire countries such as The Netherlands.  Also people bought kittens or puppies from pet stores or breeders.  Whatever their age and species, these companions do not know a […]

How To Pick A Caring And Responsible Cat Breeder

There’s no shame in going to a breeder for your next kitten, and you don’t have to experience one of the many horror stories out there about irresponsible breeders. Yes, there are many wonderful kittens and cats in shelters throughout the country; however, sometimes people have a dream cat in mind. However, some of the […]

Dog Toys Your Kids Can Make

Looking for something for your kids to do? Do-it-yourself (DIY) dog toys are a great way, especially for kids, to be entertained, feel useful, increase their creativity and motor skills, and have even more fun times with your beloved family pooch. Read on for some simple (and inexpensive!) dog toys your kids can make. Don’t […]

When Your Senior Dog Drinks A Lot Of Water

As your beloved pooch ages, their habits change. Many senior dogs eat and walk less, but sleep and drink more. Depending on the climate of your city and the temperature of your house, your dog may naturally drink a lot of water. However, excessive trips to the water bowl can indicate more serious problems — […]

Yin/Yang Of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs, affectionately known as “Frenchies,” are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. In fact, the American Kennel Club (AKC) ranks French Bulldogs as #4 out of 197 breeds on its list! Their beauty, loyalty, playfulness, and ability to adapt to many situations is virtually unparalleled. But before running out […]

When Your Senior Cat Drinks A Lot Of Water

It’s natural for your treasured cat to experience some changes in their behavior and habits, especially as they grow older. Aging cats tend to sleep and drink more while being less hungry and less active.  If you live in a warm climate or your house is kept at a fairly warm temperature, frequent trips to […]

When To Worry About A Senior Cat’s Sleeping Habits

Cats of all ages are notorious for sleeping, and senior cats are no exception. Life expectancy for cats is gradually growing longer;  a cat isn’t considered a “senior citizen” until they are 12 to 14 years old. Just like when they were kittens, older cats tend to sleep as much as 20 hours a day. If […]

How To Pick A Caring And Responsible Dog Breeder

If you’re considering going to a breeder for your next puppy, you’ve likely heard plenty of horror stories and potentially endured outright shaming from friends or family. While it’s true there are countless loving puppies and dogs in shelters throughout the country, there is no shame in picking a responsible breeder to get the puppy […]

Homemade Treats For Large Dogs

With all the distressing news lately about pet food and treat recalls, you may be frightened of giving your beloved pup unknown substances. Even aside from recalls, it’s always good to know exactly what your precious pooch is consuming. Making homemade treats doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. In fact, it may be […]

When is a British Shorthair Cat the Right Choice for Me?

British Shorthair cats have many positive traits, including their relatively calm nature (especially as compared to other shorthair cats). Also, they are blessed with a lack of breed-specific diseases. However, there are a few things to consider before adopting a British Shorthair cat. These felines do not like to be carried. If that’s important to […]

Is It Normal For My Senior Dog To Sleep A Lot?

A common question we get is, “Is it normal for my senior dog to sleep a lot?” Our short answer is, “Absolutely.” While the average dog sleeps about 12 to 14 hours a day, some dogs (especially larger breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Dobermans) can sleep as much as 18 hours a day — […]

The Upsides And Downsides Of Owning A Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are some of the most beloved dogs in the world and are known for their sweet and loyal temperaments along with the amazing physical beauty of their coats. However, owning a Golden Retriever is not for every dog lover. Golden Retrievers are very social animals, especially with families and children. Unfortunately, this can […]

How To Help Your Rescued Cat Love Their New Home

With approximately 3.4 million cats being abandoned each year just in the United States, rescuing a cat is more important than ever. While not every cat lover can take on their first (or even eighth!) cat, those who have the opportunity to help a cat in need will benefit immeasurably. However, as with any household […]

Two Simple Homemade Cat Treat Recipes You Can Make Right Away

While most people typically don’t make home-cooked meals for their feline companions, we can easily show our love for our cats through making homemade treats. Also, with all the product recalls on the market, it’s always wonderful to know exactly what goes into the treats our beloved cats eat.  One of the challenges pet owners […]

Chasing and the Senior Cat: Age-Appropriate Play

One of the many joys of living with a kitten, or multiple kittens, is the game of chase. This behavior is quickly transferred to their human companions and engaging in hide-and-seek, tag, and other chase-based games is a big part of the enjoyment of having cats. Chase is also feline enrichment and plays a part […]

The Yin and Yang of Cat Breeds: Exotic Shorthair

We often think cats are all the same, but the personality traits of various cat breeds do set them apart. If you’re thinking about an Exotic Shorthair as a companion, what do you need to know?  For the casual observer, an exotic shorthair looks a lot like a Persian with the same short nose. The […]

Senior Dogs & Exercise – Is Running a Good Idea?

When you decided to add a dog to your family, was their ability to accompany you on your daily jog important?  As the years have passed, your runs have gotten more challenging for your pet, even if they are 100% willing to go with you every day.  They love to be with you, and the exercise […]

When is a German Shepherd Dog a Perfect Fit for a Family?

Every dog, and every breed of dog, has a very different personality.  Getting the right fit for your family will make you – and your new pup – very happy. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the German Shepherd.  Unsurprisingly, German Shepherds originated in Germany in the 1800s. They’re an intelligent and protective breed, originally […]

Rescue Dogs: Things to Know

Rescuing a dog is an incredible feeling. You have the opportunity to help a dog who was abandoned or surrendered, and many times you may never know why. These sweet pets are just looking for someone who will give them a chance at a warm and safe home. But what are the most important things […]

Make Your Own Treats for Cats and Dogs

With everything we hear today about processed food, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to homemade goodies as treats for their pets. Whether you’re the pet parent of a cat or a dog, you want to know your pampered pet has only the best. It can be easier than you think to […]

My Senior Cat Isn’t Jumping – Can I Help?

Pampered indoor cats can live over 15 years and we know you want to make every day count for them. While “cat years” are difficult to calculate, cats over 15 are about the equivalent of 80 year olds for a human. Once they cross the threshold into their 20s, they might as well be 100. Caring […]

When is a Ragdoll a Perfect Fit for a Family

There’s a perception that all cats have the same behavior and personalities. But just like dogs, there are a wide variety of traits in different cat breeds. And one such breed is the Ragdoll. Newly developed in the 1960s, the actual origin of the breed is still shrouded in mystery. The result, however, was a […]

Tips for Walking Your Senior Dogs

All you want for your older dog is to love them and make them comfortable and happy. Everything you can do to ensure they stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible will be your greatest mission. Going for walks is an essential part of a dog’s life, and it will continue to […]

When is a Labrador Retriever a Perfect Fit for a Family

Dog breeds have very different personalities. This makes them a better fit for certain households or families. It’s important to know how to evaluate a certain breed or mix of a certain breed before adding them to your home. This week, we’re taking a look at one of the most popular breeds: the Labrador Retriever.While […]

Promote Your Pet to Teacher’s Assistant

While parenting is a recognized full-time job, starting in March of 2020, many parents found themselves faced with a second, if not third, full-time job – managing virtual learning for their children at home. As the new school year begins, parents can easily enlist the help of their trusty four-legged friends to increase excitement about […]

How in the world did I choose a dog that doesn’t like to….

When most people think of “dog” activities, taking walks, playing fetch, and playing with toys come to mind. What should pet parents do when they discover their dog is not interested in these activities? Just like people, every dog has an individual personality, and just like people, our pets’ lives will be more enhanced if […]

Mobility Tips for Your Aging Pup

With everything that is going on right now, you may be nervous about taking your pet to the vet. While most vet clinics are still open and able to see your pet, here are a few at-home tips to help support your aging pup with mobility issues. Dogs can develop mobility issues from several underlying […]

Are You Ready for a New Addition?

Have you ever looked at a multi-pet household and wondered how they make it work? Maybe you’ve thought about adding a new pet to your single-pet family to provide additional companionship for both you and your other dog or cat. There is both an art and a science to introducing animals and it varies depending […]

When is it Time to Get a New Pet?

You’ve suffered the loss of a four-legged family member, and the inevitable question arises – either within your family or from a well-meaning friend: “When are you going to get a new fur baby?” As a vet who has practiced more than 15 years, I have insights, but not an easy answer. It’s an individual […]

When You Love Them So Much You Can Let Them Go

The most common question pet owners ask when the end of the pet’s lifetime approaches is, “How will I know it is time?” No one wants to let a beloved pet go too soon, but no one wants to allow a pet to suffer. Well-meaning friends might say, “You’ll know, they’ll tell with their actions, […]