Traveling With Your Cat

We’ve all seen memes and videos of cats angrily resisting being put in carriers, cars, and the like. While it is true that some cats absolutely hate any type of confinement, many cats can travel with their owners. Let’s talk about some ways to make traveling with your cat tolerable and even pleasurable.

Introduce Carriers Early

Introducing carriers as early as possible in your cat’s life will go a long way towards the future. Leave the carrier of your choice open in your home, encouraging Fluffy to use it as a hideout or toy. 

Then, close the carrier and walk around the house with it. If your pet cooperates, give them a treat. 

Get Your Cat Used To Car Rides

Cats generally don’t enjoy car rides the way dogs do, so this is also something to try to introduce as early in your feline companion’s life as possible.

Once your cat is used to being in a carrier, take them to your car and drive a short distance. Again, offer a treat if your pet cooperates.

Make Sure Your Lodging Is Pet-Friendly

Whether you’re staying with a relative or in a hotel, make sure your cat is welcome. The risk of trying to hide a pet, especially in a hotel, is too great. People have been kicked out without refunds for trying to sneak a furry companion in.

What To Pack

It’s important to keep Fluffy as calm as possible during the trip. Ensure their comfort by packing their usual food and litter. You may even want to try to bring some water from home, as the water could taste different even in a nearby city.

Make sure all dishes are unbreakable. Try to use your cat’s usual dishes if possible.

A litter scoop and plastic bags are also helpful.

Always keep your cat’s rabies tag and any vaccination certificates handy.


If your cat refuses to travel, there’s no shame in leaving them with a friend, family member, or caring boarding facility.