Lauren (Cassady) Smith, DVM


"I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and I always had a cat by my side.  Although I had an interest in medicine during high school and college, I did not know that I wanted to become a vet until my junior year in college. Our cat, Lilly, had escaped from the house and had been in an accident. She was rushed to the vet where her life was saved. That summer, I began working for the doctor who helped Lilly. Through my family’s experience and the compassion of Dr. Stark, I realized that pet parents can be healed on an emotional level by veterinarians helping their pets. I knew from that point forward that I wanted to be a veterinarian.

In my career, I have been a general practitioner, emergency vet, and practice owner. The one interaction during all the stages of my career where I feel like I can make the biggest difference in the lives of both pets and their families’ is during the final days and minutes of a pet’s life. When I can ease the suffering of a pet in a way that the family feels at peace with their decision, then I know I have done my job.  I am honored to help families in this unique way."

Lauren (Cassady) Smith, DVM
BS, Biology, Furman University
DVM,  Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine
Founding member, Lap of Love - Atlanta. 2014 - 2019
Owner, Heron's Crossing. 2020 to present

Why Heron's Crossing?

Dr. Lauren (Cassady) Smith explains:

"I have always felt a connection with animals, and they have shown up in my life in important ways.  When I was in vet school, my track coach and mentor from high school passed away.  I was unable to go to her funeral and instead went and spent some time in the woods by a creek.  There was a beautiful heron that stayed with me during that time.

A few years later a much-loved family member was very sick.  When I was driving to work through downtown Lexington, a heron flew overhead.  I thought it was interesting because of the location.  When I was driving home that evening, I saw the heron for a second time, again flying over downtown.  When I got home, I learned my beloved family member had passed away.  From that time on, herons represented peace during times of passings and transition."

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