Encouraging A Lazy Dog To Exercise

Having a couch potato dog may seem cute, but it can cause serious health problems that lead to less years with your beloved pet. While daily exercise needs vary according to your dog’s breed, size, and age, all dogs need some type of physical activity. Let’s go over some ways to encourage a lazy dog to exercise.

Hide And Seek

It’s a rare dog that doesn’t love toys and treats. So, use these to encourage your pooch to play hide and seek. Hide one or more toys or treats and gently nudge Fido to look for them. This classic game can be played indoors or in a fenced yard.

Set Up Play Dates

If your dog is sociable with other dogs, set up some play dates. If you don’t know other dog owners well enough to invite them to your home or visit theirs, check out a dog park or a doggie daycare.


Few dogs will avoid a good game of fetch. So, grab that toy and spend some time throwing it back and forth with Rover. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day can make a big difference.

Tug Of War

Tug of war can have its drawbacks, but it’s a great game for well trained, non-aggressive dogs. Get a rubber toy with a handle that keeps your hands away from your pooch’s mouth and go at it. If Rover gets too excited or growls too much, you can take breaks.


Don’t discount the power of daily walks. Instead of just letting your pet do their business and go right back home, try to extend the walk a bit. This will also help your health!


Some dogs enjoy accompanying their human companions on hikes, swims, bike rides, and skating adventures. Just be sure you’re comfortable with your dog’s overall health and ability to obey commands before venturing out.


Anything you can do to make exercise fun will encourage even the laziest dog to get in more physical activity.