Can You Take Your Cat on an RV Trip?

Dogs love to go for rides, but what about cats? Will they be alright on a long road trip by RV? 

RVers say that taking cats on trips is much easier than dogs. Cats are low maintenance. They don’t have to be taken for walks in the rain. They eat less, take up less space, and sleep most of the time.

RV travel with pets is recommended for motorhomes only, with the pet kept comfortably inside a carrier while the RV is moving. Towed travel trailers, campers or fifth wheels are too dangerous for pets to travel in, because they have no power, heat, A/C or ventilation, and they can sway or become uncoupled.

Most cats actually adjust well to a parked motorhome RV. They are more likely to relax because it feels more like home, with familiar family scents.

Before leaving for your trip, be sure your cat has up-to-date vaccinations, tags and a microchip. Pack copies of your cat’s medical records, plus a pet stroller or pet front pack for long walks, and a litter box. 

Spend time helping your cat get used to the carrier and the motorhome well before your trip, if possible. Campers also suggest teaching the cat to walk with a harness, for those times when everyone needs to stretch their legs. 

When parked, you can make the motorhome interior more cat-friendly with a couple of window perches, often attached with suction cups and an underside stabilizer arm. Cats will be happy to sit in a window, enjoying the sun and watching the new scenery.

To stop litter tracking in such small space, RVers have two suggestions: 

  • Use a box-within-box system of either a separate (open-door) carrier with the litter box inside,, or a large, lidded rectangular storage container with a door cut out of the side for easy access to the litter box.
  • Use a very basic litter box, keeping it  inside the shower stall, for easy cleanup. 

Whether for vacation or moving cross-country, traveling in a motorhome RV with your cat can be a great adventure for both of you, and less stressful for your cat than a car. Where would you go?