Secrets to Getting Your Dog to Drink More Water

Dogs need plenty of water to avoid dehydration, heatstroke, kidney problems, and so much more. They tend to need more water than cats. Hence, it’s vital to keep plenty of fresh water around at all times. However, what can you do if Fido is reluctant to drink water?

Some Water Bowl Basics

  • Place multiple water bowls throughout your home.
  • Notice which type of water bowl Rover gravitates toward. It sounds silly, but some dogs prefer small ceramic bowls while others crave large metal bowls. The size and type of bowl may be more important than location, so stock up on the type of bowl your pooch likes if there’s a noticeable preference.
  • Wash your dog’s water bowls at least daily. This is vital for avoiding the germs and grime that can harm your pet. Also, dogs don’t generally want to drink water with hair, food, dirt, and the like in it.
  • Keep one or more bowls of water by your pooch’s food bowl.
  • Refill water bowls frequently to keep the water clean and at the temperature your furry friend prefers. Also, some dogs are fussy about drinking from half-empty bowls.

Feed Your Dog More Wet Food

Never suddenly change your dog’s diet, as this can cause digestive problems. If in doubt, talk to your vet.

However, it’s important to note that dry food (or kibble) is only about 10% moisture. While dry food can be great for your dog’s teeth, it’s not exactly going to encourage hydration.

If your pet needs to increase their water consumption for medical reasons, the best-case scenario is if you can add more wet food to your animal companion’s diet as it gives Fido more hydration.

Add Liquid to Existing Meals

If your dog can’t (or won’t) eat mainly wet food, there’s no need to panic.

You can soak dry food in water or low-sodium chicken or beef broth, then put the mixture in the refrigerator.

If you’re feeding your beloved pet a cooked diet, you can add water or broth to the mix. 

Also, it doesn’t hurt to do this with wet food as well.

More Water Bowl Tips

Some dogs prefer tap water, while others want bottled, distilled, or filtered water. If your finances permit it, test different types and see what your pet gravitates toward.

Regardless of the type of water, you can add flavor to it as well to encourage your pooch to drink. Making ice cubes from water, low-sodium broth, tuna juice, clam juice, and the like can make your pet more interested in drinking throughout their day.