Preparing Your Cat For Vacation

Although rare, there are times when kitty comes along on your trips. 

Preparation: Make sure your cat is up-to-date on vaccines, has a collar, and ID and rabies tags. Ask your vet what he can take if he becomes nauseated from motion sickness. Bring along his medications, plus your vet’s information, a pet poison control phone number, and photos to show to others in case your cat gets separated from you.

This is a stressful event for a cat. Consider getting a pheromone-dispensing collar or spray that only cats can smell, which helps them to calm down. 

What To Pack: Cats are finicky, so pack his regular food plus bottled water, so he won’t be put off by local water flavors. It’s best for your kitty to have light meals while on the road to try to prevent him from getting sick. Save the heavy meal for evenings when you settle in for the night. 

Bring along a compact litter box with a cover to keep smells to a minimum, plus some extra litter, scooper, and disposal bags.  

Pack a minor emergency kit with claw clippers, brush, wash cloth, bottled water, tweezers, vet-approved eye drops, gauze pads and some wrap tape. 

Traveling: When traveling with a cat, it’s important to keep him in a carrier at all times, so it is worth investing in one that makes him as comfortable as possible for the trip. Include a favorite blanket or towel, some toys, and small bowls with food and water.

There are softer padded carriers for short trips, and large, portable, cabana-style carriers for the entire back seat. These are big enough for him to stand and move around in, with room for a litter box or multiple cats, too. 

Walking: Pets should never be left in a car, unattended. If you must take the cat out of the carrier, do so with the car doors and windows closed, and put a harness and leash on him. Or you may want a cat stroller or clear bubble backpack for walking around with your cat.

Where To Stay: Planning your trip means also planning out places to stay that are cat-friendly.,, and have lists of motels, hotels and B&Bs that will welcome your furry family members.