Promote Your Pet to Teacher’s Assistant

While parenting is a recognized full-time job, starting in March of 2020, many parents found themselves faced with a second, if not third, full-time job – managing virtual learning for their children at home.

As the new school year begins, parents can easily enlist the help of their trusty four-legged friends to increase excitement about assignments and to give immediate, positive feedback to hard-working students.

Consider these subjects, and where pets can help or inspire creativity:

Physical Education. Here’s a perfect excuse to get up and move in the middle of the school day that will benefit your child, yourself and your pet. Pets and kids thrive on a schedule.

  • Daily walks for dogs
  • Construct an obstacle course that your child can do with your pet
  • Tie a cat toy to a rope, let your child run and drag the toy, allowing kitty to follow and pounce

Language Arts. Use your pets as subjects for research, stories, presentations and reports. For extra credit, use them as the audience.

  • Plan a daily story time that involves your pet.
  • Write a story about your pet’s adoption
  • Write an instruction manual for taking care of a pet, for someone who has never had one
  • Research topic ideas: pet breeds, famous people and their pets, simple tricks to teach a pet

Art, Math and Science.

  • Measure your pet’s food and work with fractions
  • Draw your pet and label the body parts
  • Calculate sleep time vs awake time
  • Observe your pet and make a journal to record the findings

Enlisting your pet’s help with virtual schooling can bring joy to your child and their teacher. And when it’s time for a break, consider a sensory break to pet or brush pets. It can become a treasured experience for pets and children alike. Hats off to parents as the new school year begins.