Does Your Senior Cat Really Like Watching TV?

There are many opinions on whether cats, especially senior ones, really like watching TV. Countless YouTube videos show cats engrossed in the TV and reacting to it.

Dogs vs. Cats When it Comes to Watching TV

It’s important to note that felines and canines generally act differently around the TV. Unlike dogs, cats often actually stare at the TV or outside at everything going on. Scientific studies show that dogs usually look at the picture on the TV for a few seconds, though they tend to listen to it and respond to it much more than their feline counterparts.

Can the TV Hurt Your Cat’s Eyes?

Some cat owners are concerned whether it’s bad for their pet to stare at the TV all day. The good news is that the TV won’t hurt your furry friend’s eyes. The bad news is you need to be mindful of where the TV is located. If Fluffy reacts to something on TV and jumps onto it, that could cause a disaster or even outright tragedy.

Also, sedentary cats are at more risk of developing health problems — especially in their golden years. Make sure the TV room has distractions that encourage physical and mental fitness, such as a high perch on a window. Also, spend about ten minutes twice a day using toys to play with your cat.

The TV Can Relieve Separation Anxiety

Some cats suffer from separation anxiety, especially if they spend a lot of time home alone. Leaving the TV on can really help your pet feel more occupied and secure; however, make sure there’s no way your cat can get hurt if they react to something they see or hear.

Watching TV with Your Cat

Some cats tend to follow their humans from room to room and happily settle in for a night of TV. As always, be mindful of any emotions you show — especially around a cat in their golden years. Violent or depressing movies may not be the ideal entertainment for your animal companion.