New Inspirations for Naming Your Cat

You may be a rescuer staring at a litter of sweet little faces. You need six appealing names right now to start their individual records and get them new homes. Or most likely, one adorable little kitten or stray has come into your life. She is very special, and she must be given the perfect name. 

The top US female cat names are Luna, Bella, Lucy, Lilly and Nala. Male names were Oliver, Leo, Milo, Charlie and Simba. Old Disney characters are really popular even today. 

But you may prefer for your cat’s name to be unique, so where can you find some inspiration?

There are online pet name generators such as that create lists of suggestions based on your cat’s color, personality, gender, and interests. Some generators also have a unisex category in case you’re not sure what you have yet. These are really great sources of inspiration for rescuers who need to name several animals at once. 

Your cat’s new name could also relate to how you met, or to a song that recalls the moment. “I saw her sitting in the rain…” could be your Flower Girl. 

An internet search shows that most pet names are based on their color or characteristics. Kathleen Walker-Meikle’s book ‘Medieval Pets’ reveals that even centuries ago, cats were named in the same way. Irish cat names included Meone (little cat) and Belaud (flame, a ginger cat), Glas Nenta (grey) and Pangur Ban (fuller white). 

There is something about cats that brings out creativity in people.  A random lookup of popular cat names in Africa reveals beautiful, exotic names and their meanings, such as Amare (handsome) and Tau (lion), Ekon (strong), Nailah (strong willed girl) and Jamila (lovely).  Popular Italian cat names include Donatella (Beautiful Star), Callista (most beautiful),  Minou (Kitty),  Aurelia (golden) and Bizet or Bizette (shines like a diamond). 

It is said that cat’s ears are attuned to high sounds like mice squeaking, so they are more likely to pay better attention if their name has an ‘ee’ sound. See if you can spot this tendency in your cat, and if so, you may want to adopt a nickname for a special “come to me” call. Or just say, “Odin, come he-ere!”

As you are choosing, take note that two syllables are easier for pets to interpret as their name instead of random talking. It’s the identification of two sounds put together. 

If you can, take time to watch your new cat and learn its personality, and you will discover your pet’s perfect name.

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