Dog-Safe Gift Wrap Alternatives

Few people think twice about loading up a fancy gift bag or pretty box with easily accessible holiday goodies, a bow, sparkles, a little plastic ornament and maybe a real candy cane. 

Unfortunately, all of these are hazards for your dog, who is eager to enjoy the holiday fun and to explore all the textures and smells. Ribbons, twine, yarn, bows and plastic ornaments are especially dangerous to chew because they could obstruct the windpipe or intestines, cutting your festivities short with a trip to the emergency vet.

Even what used to be simple wrapping paper is now fortified with a thin plastic that doesn’t break down. 

To help your dog (and the environment) you might try some some alternatives for wrapping:

  • A fabric square or colorful scarf, tied into a bow at the top is two gifts in one!
  • Edible dog paper, (yes, it’s a thing) made of easily digestible potato starch, that sticks together without tape
  • Reusable pre-decorated boxes 
  • A canvas tote that can be personalized with an embroidered name or design.
  • Holiday cookie or popcorn tin. Some families save vintage tins to exchange every year.
  • An unusual box found at an antique shop.  Think of stationary, silverware, sewing or jewelry boxes, for example, or an antique chest. 

Giving each guest a large shopping bag to hold the gifts they receive, instead of leaving them spread out, is a thoughtful way to keep your pets safe and to help everyone stay organized. Your dog can be part of the family get-together and your guests will leave without forgetting everything. 

Make it a holiday tradition to select an ‘angel’ to watch over the family pets and help to keep them from getting into harm while you have guests over.

The end result can be a lovely, homespun look under the tree, protected pets, and lots of happy memories of creating special gift wrappings for everyone.

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