Secrets to Getting Your Cat to Drink More Water

While cats don’t need as much water as their canine counterparts, failure to drink enough water can cause serious health issues. In fact, an estimated 33% of felines have kidney problems. Read on for relatively painless ways to get your beloved furry friend to drink more water.

Some Water Bowl Basics

  • One or even two water bowls may not be enough to get Fluffy to drink enough water. Put water bowls in every room in which your cat spends time.
  • Likewise, keep an eye out for what type of water bowl your pet prefers. It sounds strange, but sometimes it’s the type of bowl rather than the location that entices a pet to drink.
  • Wash your cat’s water bowls often. This is not only the healthy and hygienic thing to do, it will encourage your feline friend to drink more often.
  • Always keep at least one water bowl by the food bowl.
  • Change water as often as possible to keep it fresh and at a good temperature.
  • Finally, fill each water bowl completely. Cats get finicky about their whiskers touching the edge of a bowl.

Feed Your Cat More Wet Food

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t suddenly change your cat’s diet, as this can cause digestive problems. (For guidance specific to your feline companion, always talk to your vet.)

However, cats tend to prefer wet food — AND you get the added bonus of your pet naturally getting more liquid into their system. Plus, it will probably trigger their desire to drink more water throughout the day.

Add Liquid to Existing Meals

You can add water or low-sodium chicken broth to your cat’s existing meals, especially if it’s canned food.

Spice Up Your Pet’s Water Bowl

Make ice cubes out of low-sodium clam juice or chicken broth. Then, add the ice cubes to your pet’s water bowl.

Unconventional Methods

Cats are notorious for being quirky — even when it comes to something as seemingly simple as water consumption.

You may need to invest in cat drinking fountains or keep an eye out for things like your cat trying to drink from a faucet. As long as they’re not putting themselves in danger, it’s fine to support such behaviors.