Encouraging A Finicky Cat To Eat

Unlike dogs, many cats don’t live to eat. While many cats will eat their food (eventually), others are finicky and it’s tricky to get them to eat. The good news is there are ways to get even the fussiest cat to eat.

Rule Out Any Medical Causes

Before incorporating the following suggestions, check in with your veterinarian. They can rule out medical causes such as parasites or mouth problems, ensure the food you’re offering Fluffy has plenty of nutritional value, and give recommendations specific to your cat’s temperament and breed.

If your feline friend refuses to eat for one to two days, a visit to the vet is not an optional step. Something could be seriously wrong.

Set A Routine

If you haven’t already set a feeding routine, do so. Cats are creatures of habit. While free feeding can be convenient, some cats just don’t respond to it.

In other words, put the food on a plate or in a bowl just like you would with a dog. Give the food around the same time(s) every day.

Give Your Cat Privacy To Eat

Some cats don’t want an audience while eating, so consider leaving the room once you serve the food. You can use a nanny cam if you want to be absolutely sure that your cat ate their food.

Are You Giving Fluffy Too Many Treats?

Felines and canines alike love treats, and their human companions love giving them. While these are important especially for training and bonding, giving too many can affect your cat’s appetite. So, consider cutting back. 

Does Your Cat Prefer A Different Food Flavor?

Some cats strongly prefer fish flavors, while others crave chicken or even beef flavors. If your cat’s turning their nose up at the food you’re offering, solving your problem may be as simple as switching from one cat food flavor to another.

However, don’t rapidly switch from dry to wet food or vice versa. You must slowly introduce new food to avoid messy gastrointestinal problems. Your vet can give you specific tips on how quickly you can do this.