What Makes Cats Happy at Home?

It’s wonderful that your cat has a safe home! Now, what would make her happy?

  • If possible, a second cat to keep her company. Or a nice dog will do. Cats and dogs really can get along.
  • Healthy food and clean water, perhaps even a water bubbler, and some fresh-growing cat greens that can be purchased at pet stores.
  • A clean litter box. The rule is a box for each cat plus one extra, put in quiet locations.
  • Toys to play with, including treat puzzlers, empty boxes, an open cabinet door, or ice cubes in the water bowl. They love laundry baskets because there are holes to peer out of, or to stretch out a paw to attack a passing ankle.
  • Places to climb and jump, even if it is some furniture or boxes set near to one another. These help her to practice hunting skills. Also a scratching post is necessary. A cat tree or kitty condo could work well as a practical substitute for furniture hodge-podgery.
  • Access to the outside should be limited to a screened porch or pet pack, stroller or leash. An open fenced yard still makes her vulnerable to hawks (who are so strong, they can even steal small dogs). It is also possible that your cat could jump the fence. You would be amazed at how high they can jump.
  • Kitty should have a breakaway collar with current ID just in case she gets lost.
  • A screened porch or a cozy sunlit window with outdoor entertainment such as a bird feeder or something to attract squirrels.
  • Natural cat pheromones to help your cat feel calm in areas of the house where there may be tension or a lot of activity.
  • Cats love to be groomed with a brush or comb, and proper care taken of claws to make sure they won’t catch on fabrics, leaving your cat howling for help.
  • If you have an old laptop, turn it on and leave it open. Its warmth is like a tanning bed for cats. They will snooze across a warm keyboard for hours. If you have a home office, this ‘sacrificial’ laptop will save a lot of time trying to remove her from the one you are using.
  • Cozy, bunched-up blankets to hide in, or warm clothes fresh out of the dryer (lay an old, clean sheet over the laundry basket to keep the clothes nice).
  • They love places to hide. The bedroom closet is a favorite – it smells like you.

A happy cat will romp around, with her tail held high. She will be interested, will eat well, and sleep comfortably. The best part is when she jumps in your lap, makes biscuits and wants to snuggle. It’s the perfect end to her busy, happy day.

Heron’s Crossing provides end-of-life care for pets in the Metro Atlanta area. In-home appointments with compassionate vets are available. If you’d prefer a home-like setting away from your home, our Decatur office is also available by appointment.