Mobile Dog Apps for Summer on the Go

You and Your Dog Are on the Go!
Not only are more people on the move during the summer months, but their dogs are, too. Bring along a few mobile phone apps to help. These are just some examples of the many possibilities.

If you’re taking your dog on vacation, there are some time-tested mobile apps that are go-to’s for finding pet-friendly places. Whether planning a trip or just getting out for an impromptu weekend, BringFido , PetsWelcome  and Pet-Friendly Hotels help to locate restaurants, hotels, parks and more that welcome dogs with open arms. If you are planning a trip to Canada, TripsWithPets can get you started.

Assistance in an Instant
But if the theme park or your relatives won’t allow pets during your visit, the Rover App locates nearby pet sitters or dog walkers anywhere you may be, even when you are on vacation.

If you’re on a weekend trip without your pet, Wag has security in mind, with background-checked caretakers and boarding, plus home care lockboxes, and GPS tracking so you can watch on your phone as your dog is being walked while you are away.

Normally, Uber ridesharing drivers won’t accept pets in their car. So choose the UberPET  selection on the mobile app if you prefer taxi service across an unfamiliar city. Be prepared to bring your own towels or cleanup tools. Speaking of difficult- traffic towns, SpotOn.Pet  in New York City advertises, “Hail a ride for your pet! People welcome, too.” This service specializes in pet-centered chauffeuring to the vet, the salon, and more, with GPS tracking if you are unable to accompany your pet. If the traffic in your vacation spot is daunting, you might check for a local pet chauffeuring service.

The Outdoorsy Type: Tracking and Locating
If you are out hiking in the wilderness, or you just opened the car door at a rest stop or restaurant, there is always a chance that your pup can wander away.

If you have already trained your dog to come when you whistle, keep Free Apps For Me Dog Whistle or a similar app handy on your phone to call her back immediately. The higher frequency carries farther than your voice.

The Whistle mobile app and several other highly acclaimed tracking apps like it work with a smart/GPS device that you put on your dog’s collar. With it, you can track your pet by tracing her route, using your phone to guide you. It also monitors her health and includes access to vets for instant consultation.

Tractive Dog Tracker GPS also uses a collar GPS device to track your dog at all times, sending information to your cell phone. It keeps tabs on minutes of rest vs activity, so you can notice a change in behavior, too. (RV retirees, this one is also available for cats.) is a secondary line of defense – a comprehensive collar tag with a scannable QR (quick response) code that can store a lot more information than a microchip for anyone who finds your dog to be able to act fast to help her get back to you. Use your phone app to store the tag with her microchip number plus immediate care information and ID photos for anyone who finds your dog and scans it. This can save precious time. Instead of searching for a vet to read the microchip, the finder can download a free scanning app on their phone to read the QR code instantly. When someone scans the QR collar code, you’ll get your dog’s GPS location and you can communicate with the finder on the spot. The app also conveniently includes a pet care diary, and a lost-pet alert to send to everyone in the Animal-ID community.

Instant Medical Help
Whether you are camping in the wilderness or simply stopped at an unfamiliar town, if your dog becomes sick or hurt, what can you do? The Pet First Aid mobile app by the American Red Cross gives you video instructions for multiple pet emergencies. It also assists you to call for help and to locate the nearest veterinarian or animal hospital. It is an invaluable tool for those who camp, hike and travel.

PupTox mobile app quick reference guide lists some 250 common items that could be toxic or hazardous to dogs, but puts it into simple categories such as Food and Drink, so you don’t have to fumble with the spelling of  ‘potpourri,’ for example. It’s a good first start. Then, for more in-depth information, also carry the Animal Poison by ASPCA (also called APCC) mobile version of the ASPCA's definitive online guide to hundreds of possible toxic substances for your pets. It includes the number to a pet poison hotline.

Handy Records on the Road
11Pets can keep track of multiple pet records and appointments for families, rescue groups, etc. Active icons display immediate information, changing from green to yellow to red as it becomes time to make the next appointment or renew medications. It’s a big time-saver, and a great way to keep your pet’s records on vacation, in case your dog must see a vet, or remind you to renew prescriptions before you leave.

Love Me, Love My Dog
Dog people like to be around other dogs and other people. Both the Apple App Store and Google Pay have several social apps for get-togethers.

Whether on vacation or staycation, whether your dog is a big socializer or prefers quiet play, Dogs’n’Parks locates parks with dog friendly features, and shows a list of app-mates – other dogs using the same app who are there in real time. It keeps pet profiles so your dog can find compatible playmates.

It’s somewhat difficult to tell if BarkHappy is for dogs or dog people. The app connects local pet parents to schedule play dates, and to alert your BarkHappy friends if your pet becomes lost.

Your phone’s ability to carry so much valuable help information makes it the best vacation packable ever. Enjoy the summer with your faithful companion.

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