Acclimating Your Cat To A New Home

Whether you’ve had your cat for five months or five years, you may need to move your entire family to a new home. While moves and new locations are stressful for pets, there are ways to easily acclimate your cat to a new home.

Before The Move

Make sure your feline companion is up to date on all their shots.

If you’re relocating to another city, get the numbers for emergency and regular vets in your area. Keep the numbers for your current vet as well. Program these into your cell phone.

If your cat’s ID tag needs updated information, do so before the move. You should take the same step with any microchipping company if your cat has been microchipped.

The First Hour In Your New Home

The first hour in your new home will hopefully set the tone for future hours and days.

  • The litter box should be ready in its permanent location before you take your cat out of the carrier. Show your pet the litter box.
  • Next, offer a bowl of water — ideally in their preferred bowl.
  • Do not introduce food for at least an hour.

Continue Slowly

Once you are in your new home, do not overwhelm your feline friend too quickly.

  • Keep Fluffy confined to one room for at least the first couple of days. Favorite toys, blankets, and bedding should be provided to foster a sense of familiarity.
  • Do whatever you can to keep the environment safe, secure, and calm. This may require managing children and other pets, especially dogs.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed. If there are any other possible hazards such as fireplaces, secure these as well. This will hopefully prevent your cat from trying to make an escape.

Continuing The Process

Once your cat seems more at ease, encourage them to explore their new home by hiding small treats or dry food in various places in the house.

If you take your cat outdoors, limit trips to a few minutes at a time until you’re sure they’re comfortable.