Protecting Your Cat From Fireworks

Holidays such as the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve come with fireworks, which can really stress cats out. Cats are prone to feeling startled, which is not good for their hearts. If you can stay home during fireworks, that is the ideal solution. But whether or not you stay home, you need to make sure your feline companion is secure so they don’t get too frightened or run away.

Why Are Cats So Scared Of Fireworks?

  1. Cats have a sharper sense of hearing than humans and even dogs. They may hear sounds five (or more!) times better than we can. So, even if you don’t really hear the fireworks it may sound like they’re right in your cat’s vicinity. 
  2. You’re expecting unusual noise because you know it’s New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July. However, it’s just another day at home for Fluffy. They don’t know it’s a holiday, and the unexpected noise will frighten them.
  3. When a cat encounters sudden noises or other possibly dangerous situations, their “fight or flight” instinct is activated. Also, Fluffy now feels trapped. They will pace, tremble, hide, run, purr loudly, or hiss.

Steps To Take

  • Keep your cat indoors, especially after dark. Otherwise, you risk them running away (and never returning because of disorientation) when their “fight or flight” response is activated.
  • Create a safe, cozy space for your feline companion. Perhaps try a cardboard box lined with soft, comfortable blankets or cloths. Most cats feel safe higher up, so consider placing this box on a high shelf in a quieter room.
  • Play music or a television show. Cats tend to enjoy this much more than the sound of fireworks.
  • Use a pheromone plug-in diffuser such as Feliway. This can produce a calming effect in feline companions. Place the diffuser in the room where Fluffy spends most of their time two or three weeks before the expected fireworks.
  • Demonstrate calmness and confidence at all times. Unlike dogs, cats (with rare exceptions) don’t need you to cuddle up with them to try to comfort them. If you act calm, your feline friend will likely mimic your behavior.